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updated my blog layout

Category: Blogging

i took me wayyyy too long to code this stupid layout anyways i cant figure out how to change font size wihtout ruining it so shit stays tiny oops » Continue Reading

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New job and im excited

Category: Food and Restaurants

after a shit time trying to get a new job, i finally got one and im going to be doing opening so i can get actual training!!!! im happy to be back in the bar industry but also glad i wont be doing what i did before cus like people were jst so gross and weird, mmmmm yummy shakes » Continue Reading

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the cat im fostering is so baby

Category: Pets and Animals

im fostering a cat for some homies, and hes such a sweet guy but hes so needy, he was meowing outside the door for a while really loud so i had to get out of bed and chill with him on the couch (what im doing rn) he just needs company sometimes and it make me feel bad cus what if when he gets home he doesnt have all this extra attention, idk just some thoughts » Continue Reading

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what even is a hate crime

Category: Blogging

i got called a "skinny faggot" by some random 16 year old today thats all » Continue Reading

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boutta light up

Category: Blogging

this blunt boutta hit thats all i have to say » Continue Reading

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fuckin bored

Category: Friends

this my first time using this thing, its cool » Continue Reading

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