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I feel so out of place (random venting, don't need to read it)

Category: Life

Hey just a heads up, I'm just here to vent because since school hasn't started yet I haven't gone to therapy for like 3 months so if I go back and forth and repeat the same shit I'm sorry, I just want to ramble for a bit. Lately , I've been feeling pretty out of place, like the friends I have are either people I've known for 12 years or people that they met and introduced me to, I only have three ... » Continue Reading

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Why are people like this?

Category: Games

I have a Minecraft server with a lot of friends. So, one day, I was walking around when I found a siamese cat and I tamed him, since he was siamese, I named him Blink-182, because the cover of their second album is a siamese cat. A few weeks have passed when I logged in after two days of not playing, and I found out one of my friends, I still don't know who, killed Blink. Why?! Like, do people get... » Continue Reading

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