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Why are people like this?

I have a Minecraft server with a lot of friends. So, one day, I was walking around when I found a siamese cat and I tamed him, since he was siamese, I named him Blink-182, because the cover of their second album is a siamese cat. A few weeks have passed when I logged in after two days of not playing, and I found out one of my friends, I still don't know who, killed Blink.

Why?! Like, do people get enjoyment from this? It's not like I'm devastated or something, it's a Minecraft cat, but still y'know...

But as if that wasn't enough, I made a memorial for Blink and a few hours later, instead of the image I had put, the album cover for "Cheshire Cat", there was an image of a swastica.

I think I need better friends...

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My "friend" keeps trying to set me up with her bfs cousin even tho i told her i want a girlfriend. Lord pray for us

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ngl that is like straight up evil

by Sampaio; ; Report

That's not even the tip of the iceberg dude they're always tryna get me drunk like tf yall tryna do to me. thats sus

by VirginQueen; ; Report

I don't know how long you know this friend of yours, but in all honestly, I think you should get her out of your life. Even if she's done positive things for you in the past, you should at least try to have a serious conversation with her, if she doesn't want that kind of conversation, then, sorry to tell you, but she's not your friend.

by Sampaio; ; Report

So true, ive known her for almost 8 years but shes been acting weird towards me after we started hanging out again. I keep telling them im 100% gay so she doesnt think i like her bf or the cousin but i honestly think shes just insecure. like she shit talks her best friend all the time and tells me about her friends sex life and her friends pretty asf. i stopped talking to her recently after her bf and his cousin "joked" around and said that she shit talks me when im not around like she does to he bsf.

by VirginQueen; ; Report

It's good you stopped talking to her, toxic people like that don't deserve friendship until they remove that toxicity and actually become somewhat good people.

I wish you the best things in the world
Hope you find a cute gf

by Sampaio; ; Report

Literally, i was thinking of giving her another chance but fck it frl, imagine she tries to set me up or smth. AND SAME I HOPE I DO TOO THANK YOU

by VirginQueen; ; Report

✰♰ CyberCat...

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Mis "amigos" una vez me hicieron algo parecido pero no fue con un gato sino con un perro pero igual fue muy feo cuando volví de minar y me di cuenta que ya no estaba ;-;

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aw what the fuck man. ive always hated when people act like that in MC servers

in servers im always too afraid of breaking things because i might screw with something someone else made, but god damn.. thats just a jerk move

on one hand you need a friend that isn't gonna joke around like that, but thats easier said than done

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Idk it sounds like somebody thought they were funny putting a swastika there, which is lame as hell and I definitely think you need better friends, don't care if that was supposed to be a lame joke or not.

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On one hand you have that, on the other you have a lot positive and life changing experiences that really helped me, so I'm really divided right now

by Sampaio; ; Report


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NOOOOO! NOT THE KITTY!! poor baby(╥﹏╥)

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I made this memorial for him:

by Sampaio; ; Report