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Thoughts on MGS3 remake announcement (and what are your thoughts as well)

Category: Games

Ofc everyone was excited about the new mgs3 remake and some are scepticle, I am leading towards the ladder ofc MGS3 is a great game and everyone should play and im glad there also reralsing the first 3 games but are we sure konami wont fuck this one up like what they did to the metal gear seris in general turing there ip into a joke and there other ips as well ofc not having the brains behind it h... » Continue Reading

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My thought on Garfeild

Category: Blogging

Garfeild thats an intresting topic one of my favorites a life saver for once 30 years ago My bevoled son died, my wife left me from the stress of it all, my dog left me, and even  my mother kicked me out of her basement, I was lost and hopeless through out everything but then I saw some light, I was walking down the street depressed from all the commsion that just happened to me thinking abou endi... » Continue Reading

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Recamedations for 90s/2000s rhythm games???

Category: Games

I've been playing the parappa the rapper games and um jammer lammy and im craving for more, does anyone have any sugjestions good rhythm games esspeically ones from the ps1/ps2 era » Continue Reading

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