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My thought on Garfeild

Garfeild thats an intresting topic one of my favorites a life saver for once 30 years ago My bevoled son died, my wife left me from the stress of it all, my dog left me, and even  my mother kicked me out of her basement, I was lost and hopeless through out everything but then I saw some light, I was walking down the street depressed from all the commsion that just happened to me thinking abou ending it all, I saw a newspaper on the ground there it was the orange cat, ever since then my life has gotten better, I could afford a nice house, my wife and dog came back, my mother respected me, and even my son came back from the dead, ofc ive worshipped that feline ever since all thxs to garfeild.      

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But did you enjoy the movie?

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Garfield found dead this afternoon

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The post I sent was outdated Im homless now shivering on the streets my wife, child, and dog left me, ny house burned doen, my mother died and even my wifes wants a divorce and restraining order, I CANT STAND IT what do how did i disrespect the felin but something worse happen i u like Garfeild has died, so he has abbonded me im hopless

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