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Thoughts on MGS3 remake announcement (and what are your thoughts as well)

Ofc everyone was excited about the new mgs3 remake and some are scepticle, I am leading towards the ladder ofc MGS3 is a great game and everyone should play and im glad there also reralsing the first 3 games but are we sure konami wont fuck this one up like what they did to the metal gear seris in general turing there ip into a joke and there other ips as well ofc not having the brains behind it hedio kojima to spark the seris in existisnce but maybe konmi wont mess up on the mgs3 remake as well as the silent hill 2 remake but I want to hear others people opions as well plz say whats ur opion on it. (also I feel like only 20% of people here even like MGS) 

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Rayy ☆

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Tbh I lean towards the remake as I think it would be interesting to see it revamped. Although I will forever love the original because, well it's the original. Yeah I also hope they don't mess it up because like wtf.. but then again I could always just ignore it and live happily with Mgs3.

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Honestly I have high hopes for mgs3 remake since they said they would be staying true to the story and other stuff, just obv it wont have the same kojima charm. They tried to emulate it by calling it Metal Gear Solid "Delta" and its ok ig, its just trying too hard to be kojima.

As for Silent Hill 2, im super excited but I feel like theyre going to fuck it somehow. I just doubt it will be any good but I hope to be proved wrong.

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I def agree but idk how there going to reamke sh2 but i saw sadly its goin to be over the shulder its prob cause im bais but i love the fixed camera angles but u know mabye its the best remake ever maybe it will be as bad as march madness

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