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18. tr/eng. any pronouns are OK.

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tfw you put your heart into it but its sitll not approved by yo paarent. suCks to be me, i guess. it was stupid of me to twlk to her about my studies when i knew she was gonna say something unpleasant. i truly am trying my best and i didnt even really expect anything from her i just really wanted to hear sometihngh like "well k congratz" honestly even an "okay." would be better in this case. im js... » Continue Reading

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life update

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life update: it does not get better. september is the worst month ever, it's like that one kid nobody likes but they're here anyway and they won't leave you alone. go away, shoo, please go away. AND the worst thing is all my friends moved to different areas. they're not too far away but still far enough that i'm unable see them. ouch. i honestly never expected that i would be able to find friends ... » Continue Reading

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k so i created this acc two months ago and and i still dont know what im supposed to do here so i guess ill use this blog as a vent wall or whatever ppl here seem kool with their lovely layouts so i think i should find one too then again im so afraid of changing sutff its embarassing does anyone even read this how do you find entertaining stuff on here i feel like an old man tryna figure out how t... » Continue Reading

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religious parent: deal with it because well, you have to.

Category: Life

it has already made my life a living hell already. yeah, okay. believing in a god is one thing, but forcing your belief on your kid is another. good on her part for being able to comfort herself by praying and all. i'm really happy she has something she can rely on but i'm so tired of feeling like i failed her. even writing these stuff is pretty hard, almost feels like i'm clarifying she did somet... » Continue Reading

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