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life update

life update: it does not get better.

september is the worst month ever, it's like that one kid nobody likes but they're here anyway and they won't leave you alone. go away, shoo, please go away.

AND the worst thing is all my friends moved to different areas. they're not too far away but still far enough that i'm unable see them. ouch. i honestly never expected that i would be able to find friends i liked so much. i miss them alot and i fucking hate this town. it's so small and i don't have any fucking friends here anymore and there's nothing to do except smoking cigs here and there and and... yea that's all i do. ooooh my god this year's gonna suck so bad. i hate it here and need to leave asap.

anyways bye

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september is my birthday xd anyways wishing you luck to find some happiness

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XDD happy belated birthday!!

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Mig and Szwarty

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Pray for the anime slice of life buff bro. Make manifest the cute girl who will make life seem more colorful and beautiful

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manifesting a cute girl who will spice up my boring life

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