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Category: News and Politics

I talk about the far-right more than I should, and more than I would actually want to, but it’s designed to fuck up your head. You can’t retaliate against them without being classified as a “beta male” or “delusional”. There is no one that made me start despising that I am the same gender as these bastards other than them. The far-left made me feel ashamed of being a male a long time ago, but I ha... » Continue Reading

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Current Status

Category: Blogging

Re-downloading TikTok just to delete a Miss Pink simp edit. I tell you this to warn you. » Continue Reading

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Category: News and Politics

I can’t take this shit anymore, I really can’t. The modern generation is being raised on “anti-SJW” and misogyny crap. We went from laughing at idiots decrying rock music as “demonic brainwashing” to obeying them like mindless dogs. The “influencers”, the false gods, have made humanity believe that conformity is rebellion. PragerU & Matt Walsh, both of hateful minds, scream at the modern youth bei... » Continue Reading

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Random Idea Out of Nowhere

Category: Art and Photography

I feel like making distorted imagery out of Totally Spies screenshots while listening to the harshest of Nine Inch Nails tracks. If the thought consumes me, I might make another post to share what I've done. » Continue Reading

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so tired of people

Category: News and Politics

What pisses me off is that some idiots cry about their right to free speech has been supposedly taken away from them by the modern age. What those people don't realise is that the right to free speech means that the GOVERNMENT will not censor you. Freedom of speech does NOT mean   you deserve a high-five for saying slurs and degrading women.  Read the last two statements again before commenting. I... » Continue Reading

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Dream I had

Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

The following is most that I remember: - I was in a very large room filled with gray. I think about the apartment of Façade (pictured) when trying to re-visualise although the walls in the dream were gray. If there was any furniture, which I doubt, they either escaped my memory or they were hidden with the overall gray aesthetic. I’m starting to think that there were no doors, but door-shaped hole... » Continue Reading

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Category: Music

Wish I knew how to play that recurring motif from The Downward Spiral that’s it, really. » Continue Reading

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