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Category: Writing and Poetry

People never really say upfront when your presence isn't welcome; sure they think it's against our better judgement but shouldn't you be aware of something that's regarding yourself? Nonetheless we will have our own opinions about when it's right or wrong to tell someone about this but people forget to think about this, would it be anymore right if it was someone keeping something from you? -Tripp » Continue Reading

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Category: Writing and Poetry

As an ode to my late cousin Blue; I say as I'm sure he would've agreed with me, you don't necessarily need a person by your side to complete you. People always have that one person as a twin flame or a person who's been there since day 1; but they never say what it really means on both ends of a friendship, or in my case friendships.  When you get in an argument with them for instance, we always t... » Continue Reading

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Category: Music

Now normally I would be talking about personal inquiries of mine, but in this case I have no inquiries to talk about. Therefore me being the lil ball of adhd energy I'm gonna talk about my hyperfixation (aka $uicideboy$.) First off, not many people enjoy the old Ruby n $licky just because TikTok made one of the most commonly used songs a trend but like many others it became a fad and was soon shit... » Continue Reading

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Category: Writing and Poetry

It's always been a wonder of mine personally, what the actual hell happened to this generation of people and their social standards? It baffles me how we can go from wearing 2 sizes 2 big JNCO jeans listening to the newest Avril Lavigne album no matter what gender you are to a bunch of discouraged mopey dudes with too much products in their fluffy bowl cuts. (yes I refuse to call this sorry excuse... » Continue Reading

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