As an ode to my late cousin Blue; I say as I'm sure he would've agreed with me, you don't necessarily need a person by your side to complete you. People always have that one person as a twin flame or a person who's been there since day 1; but they never say what it really means on both ends of a friendship, or in my case friendships. 

When you get in an argument with them for instance, we always think to just drop it or forgive them because they're the one person that knows you better than anyone else but really what if they cross that line between what's considered a slap on the hand or a raw nerve? We can't always dismiss their actions forever before it becomes a pot boiling over on a burning fuckin hot stove. Perhaps like many others we should learn to forgive and forget; but that still doesn't mean it's not a problem. Once that line is far too crossed who's to say what happens next?


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