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Now normally I would be talking about personal inquiries of mine, but in this case I have no inquiries to talk about. Therefore me being the lil ball of adhd energy I'm gonna talk about my hyperfixation (aka $uicideboy$.)

First off, not many people enjoy the old Ruby n $licky just because TikTok made one of the most commonly used songs a trend but like many others it became a fad and was soon shit on because "you're not a true $uicideboy$ fan if you listen to that specific song" (which yes I'm talking about And To Those I Love, Thanks For Sticking Around.) Which first off, anyone can listen to it since it's just a song and it doesn't justify if you're a "real" fan or not and second, it's a good ass song who wouldn't listen to it?

It's also not about the music or a song but the meaning and lyrics behind it, for example Low Key was in my opinion the one song I could I could play and show someone so they could understand how I felt most of my life including now. O Pana! is self-explanatory if you've heard it and the whole I Wanna Die In New Orleans album was a masterpiece. Long Gone (Save Me From This Hell) has to be my number one favorite song in the album other than Coma.


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