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i'm a minor so no weird shit

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I finally did it

Category: Life

So i stopped being friends with ny whole friend group and i did make a blog earlier this year about never getting included in friend group videos but those were just stupid videos so who cared but it got worse and worse they basically left me out of everything and would make me feel insecure about everything like I have never been as insecure as i was when i was talking to them and then they tried... » Continue Reading

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this bitch named abdiel

Category: Blogging

I hate this bitch so much like I ain't even gonna censor his name or whatever so this fat ass faggot named Abdiel wont leave me the fuck alone like he always tryna to start shit then he sets himself up for a failure cause he continues yapping even after the argument been ended then he looks like a fucking idiot like a list of shit he's done 1. called me a fat stinky bitch even tho im like 100 poun... » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

Ive finally been called pretty for the first time in my life i dont even like the guy who called me pretty but a win is a win yayayayayayayayay 💃🏻👯‍♀️ » Continue Reading

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Im never in my friend videos

Category: Friends

Yall know those tiktoks where they go "your my bestfriend" then they show photos of their friends or even just their names/initials but for some reason none of my friends include me in those like half of them have pics of me and still dont include me. Any thoughts?  » Continue Reading

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I can speak pig lstin

Category: Blogging

Fun fact as the subject tells you i am fluent in pig latin like one sentance i could say is iway amway osay oredbay ikelay iway avehay othingnay otay oday(translation: i am so bored like i have nothing to do) its super essy to learn too it took me like 10-15 minute to learn it » Continue Reading

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A rant about my history teacher

Category: School, College, University

I had this annoying ass history teacher like he would never shut tf up. All we did in his class was guided notes and he gave like two project in like the last 3 days of school. He also would always extend arguments to the point that he was just making himself even more mad. And he would always remove points for the smallest reason like no on cares if i put "who" even though it was supposed to be "... » Continue Reading

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