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Panic! At The Disco last ever show!

Category: Music

So this weekend I was lucky enough to get to go to the last ever p!atd show! I almost didn't make it because of uni workload and the travel time but it was so worth it in the end :D It was such a perfect nostalgia trip, I got into them in my 13yr old emo phase right before Death of a Bachelor came out, so the setlist was the cutest trip down memory lane for me & my friends! I was going to include ... » Continue Reading

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SpaceHey on the computer only

Category: Life

Over the weekend I realised I could for sure access SpaceHey through my phone, but I decided not to. I really enjoy the vibe of logging in on my computer and just having a look through and responding to messages and stuff once or twice a day instead of just having another reason to be glued to my phone. It was a little annoying not having time to check in at properly over the weekend between trips... » Continue Reading

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Category: Games

Does anyone still use tamagothcis? I bought an offbrand one a couple weeks ago and used it for a few days but its hunger bar wasn't big enough to keep it alive all night & I wasn't able to wake it up to feed it :( Maybe if I got to it right before it decided to sleep it would have made it all night, but I tried for a few days and didn't manage it, this might just be because it was a cheap offbrand... » Continue Reading

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