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anguish (vent)

Category: Life

im just sick of EVERTHING at this poinnnt. im sick of being surrounded by my friends, who actually find love... when my soulmate dumps me. i was devastated!!!! ever since then i dont think ill ever love again.. and its been so long and its just NOT FAIR but i guess thats what i deserve right? for trying my best in life? for doing everything i ever could for her? i guess so. and what about my cripp... » Continue Reading

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NEW SONA ALERT!!!!1!!!11

Category: Art and Photography

this is a new sona im working on!! dun worriez,, they arent replacing Julian!! thyre just added 2 da roster x3. the color scheme might not be final!! theyre very new and i dont have a name yet, so if u guyz has name ideas plzz tell me! » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

just need to type vent about the break system at work. yeah sure i’ll cover two ppls breaks who have only worked 3 n a half hrz when i’m on my sixth straight hour and still waiting for break like yeah cool dude send the ppl who need a break LESS first. so stupid unfair and frustrating  » Continue Reading

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turning 21 waz... LAME..

Category: Blogging

just a frustrating life i has sometimes.... ugh... brother and sister had amazing 21sts. Not cool. all i got was my fkkin parents hanging out while i had watered down drinks,., meanwhile everyone under the sun shows up for my siblinggz. im just so like over dealing with being treated like the least important person in my own family and life.. at least i got so wasted on halloween it was scary how ... » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

gonna try out this thing again,,, struggle to post lotsa things on social mediaz cuzz anxiety. im working on that. ive lately been wanting to do more with my time in a space that feels right 4 me.  » Continue Reading

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