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oh wow hai there

Category: Life

holy moly i forgot spacehey for a hot minute, to any1 who cares im sorry ab that !! I have had a busyyyyy life since I last posted a blog. I got a really good full time job, I got a girlfriend :0, we have been together since june of 2023,, :3 I changed my name to Morgan, it's more fitting and androgynous >:3,, SOOO much drama too omg who knew me posting my SA story would result in who i thought we... » Continue Reading

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hair dye questions!!!!!

Category: Blogging

Help!! So right now I have grown out black hair dye and my roots are blonde. I want to remove the black but the black is over red manic panic over bleach. I figure after a few rounds of color remover itll be like a ginger-ish color and my roots super light ??? But I want to bleach it and tone it after but my mom says thats not how that that true ??  » Continue Reading

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presents!! pt 2

Category: Blogging

i ordered some stuff awhile ago and forgot i had ONE MORE package and it came in the other day and it was my JOEY JORDISON TAPESTRY LOLZ XD i had found a tapestry on amazon that u can customize w whatever pic u want and i chose one of joey and now its here and he looks lovely on my wall :P » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

omg guyzzzz i got my package in the mail and it had my new headphones and face wash!! I've been needing new headphones for sooo long. my other ones broke like 4ever ago but now I dont have to listen to ppl in public anymore :P also this face wash i got called PanOxyl seems to be pretty good as all the reviews were really nice and suggested it and my face acne has been sooo bad lately lol and by ba... » Continue Reading

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Good afternooon:3

Category: Blogging

hi guyzz!! how is everyone?? hope everyone is having a great day/night » Continue Reading

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