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omg guyzzzz i got my package in the mail and it had my new headphones and face wash!! I've been needing new headphones for sooo long. my other ones broke like 4ever ago but now I dont have to listen to ppl in public anymore :P also this face wash i got called PanOxyl seems to be pretty good as all the reviews were really nice and suggested it and my face acne has been sooo bad lately lol and by bad i mean i have been getting more than blackheads DX i just used it and it felt rlly good on the skin and it doesnt have a scent so if ur sensitive to face products have perfumes or scents this would be purrrfect for u!! also it was only like $9 too so it was actually pretty affordable. I got it on amazon! anyways other than that i woke up suuuper late again and my mom immediately took me to dinner like ma'am i just woke up let me open my eyes please xD but we went to this really cute little italian place in town and it was s o o good i love their spaghetti and meatballs (bc it's my fave meal EVERRR hehe) and the chocolate cheesecake too and it was a bit toooo sweet imo but ofc what else should you expect from a sweet LOL anyways tell me about your guys' day!! have a great day/might wherever u are!! xoxox

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Fae Falcon

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Sounds like a fun dinner lol

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