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Good afternooon:3

hi guyzz!! how is everyone?? hope everyone is having a great day/night <3 lets seee is there any updates in my life today....nope! other than I finally showered after two DAYZ DX  uhhh anything else?? hmm I dont think so lolz its icing really bad where I am so i havent been able to go to work  :((( I went on my first day on monday then we got a bad ice storm tuesday and it's still wayy too dangerous to drive out in it so the company i work for decided to let everyone know we won't get back to work until further notice:( BUT!! we do still get paid since it's involuntary absence yk?? so that's good!! tell me about your day!!

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Hei!! Im about to go to sleep cuz it’s midnight where I live! We have several snowstorms here so thats why I will be having online school… but cant complain, I can stay in bed ‍💫 wish you a nice day :))

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sleep well hun!!<3

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