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Film Idea

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

Doppelganger(needs a title) A young girl struggles with an entity that has taken her form. She runs and hides as much as she can but can not escape the doppelganger. She confronts the doppelganger and kills them, which leaves permanent damage to her brain, hiding and killing herself, deep stuff amiright. Themes: Identity and self-love » Continue Reading

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Mentally Safe Minecraft Server

Category: Games

I know it sounds silly to have a safe Minecraft environment without drama but i trust ya there is one. If you are from Saskatchewan, Canada there is a server. If your from anywhere else you wont get the professional help or phone numbers but you will still have our counselors and supportive community.  If you are interested in joining dm me and ill send you to the site with the discord invite and ... » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

As a film student learning the business and production of film, you would think that the exams would be simple. My VDEO 101 course is not simple, too many abbreviations and file formats to remember lol.  I am hoping to get a good grade in this program so I can study film in my home city or my current city. I have not decided where yet. Back with family or continue living in a dorm, hmm. I feel rec... » Continue Reading

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