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Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

TUMZATHOUGHTSthree: CHANNEL GO TIME~~~~~~~~~~~~ I made a shit video from 2021 about a defunt TV Channel im really interested in(I really need to update it) bute here its is: Channel GO vi d But in summary, It was a South African channel founded in the 2000s aimed at teenagers and it looks cool af. There is also a lot of lost media around it. Ive done all i could to find as much as i can but im dro... » Continue Reading

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TUMZATHOUGHTS5: The Power of Gwababa(I fumbled the bag and it was the best decision ever)

Category: Romance and Relationships

TUMZATHOUGHTSfive: Today I fumbled a crush, but thats ok, infact i dodged a massive bullet that couldve fucked me up for the rest of my life. According to snl24.com gwababa is: " a  kasi word for the fear that stops guys from approaching their crush." and people say gwababa should be cured? noooo. Gwababa is a life saver,gwababa is a gift from god himself. Always trust in gwababa. Dont get rid of ... » Continue Reading

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TUMZATHOUGHTS4: i lost my purple pen :(((

Category: Blogging

TUMZATHOUGHTSfour : I lost my purple pen :/. I love purple. Purple is my favourite colour  I WUV PURPLE » Continue Reading

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TUMZATHOUGHTS2: Page Customisation(and how im lazy af to do it)

Category: SpaceHey

TUMZATHOUGHTStwo: two parts in two days 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 Disclaimer: This isn't me trynna ask for help, just me putting my thoughts out. I really wanna customise my page, i tried using my shite 11 year old Macbook Air but it failed tremendously. Also the coding is hella complicated and stuff and Macbooks are just horrendous to use so im just not gonna bother for now but all the customised pages look cool... » Continue Reading

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TUMZATHOUGHTS1: Damn, this place has a pedo problem

Category: SpaceHey

TUMZATHOUGHTSone: Im new here and the first few blog post i saw were about weirdos grooming people on here, yikes!! stay safe yall. (also if u talk to me and one day are in love with me for some reason, suppress those emotions imediatly, find someone irl u like, online relationships are ass.) "pace" - Barbie » Continue Reading

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