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TUMZATHOUGHTS2: Page Customisation(and how im lazy af to do it)


two parts in two days

Disclaimer: This isn't me trynna ask for help, just me putting my thoughts out.

I really wanna customise my page, i tried using my shite 11 year old Macbook Air but it failed tremendously. Also the coding is hella complicated and stuff and Macbooks are just horrendous to use so im just not gonna bother for now but all the customised pages look cool as hell. Ill get around doing it one day

Update: I found a fire layout on the "layout" tab,gonna something custom sometime in the future tho.

"pace" - Barbie

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The Only Yaya ;)

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I get it I spent 4 days on my coding. I was new to it but now I got the hang of it a little bit. I did a lot of digging to accomplish what I wanted for my theme. I am hoping to do another theme in the near future or whenever I feel is right.

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