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"losing my mind"

i wish to disappear

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Category: Blogging

i’ve been so sick for like two months and it feels never ending @.@ » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

i wanna melt into a puddle and just disappear forever maybe make a little lilly pad hat and befriend some turtles  » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

(_ _).。o○ feelin fucked fr  » Continue Reading

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ughh ew

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

i wish i had a computer to change my layout cause yikes it’s so gross with no cool shit in the background or a theme laaaameee 😴 » Continue Reading

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stupid little poem

Category: Writing and Poetry

20 years 20 years and nothing to show thought i’d be famous and living a dream 20 years and it’s been mean got bruises and scars littering  my body that has carried me well  though i’ve never really kept up on  bodily chores  my eyes burn and my hands shake back hurts and my feet ache  20 years young sober and dumb 7 more to go might not make it  hand me a bot » Continue Reading

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blah blah blah

Category: Life

feeling like shit but fr im the one to blame so who cares right lol anyways (_ _).。o○ » Continue Reading

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