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Religious blogg🇺🇲

Category: Religion and Philosophy

Just like silly gender I have no idea where I fall on the religious spectrum, I don't much Believe in God more of a high power.. but not too high. Like Satan or some demon that rules over us or hell maybe God, I don't know it's confusing. And I want to be loyal, a devoted "nun" who goes and worships everyday, believes in them, loves them, but I don't know who or what to devote my life too. Does an... » Continue Reading

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Read dissss 🔮

Category: Life

Haiiii (⁠✯⁠ᴗ⁠✯⁠) Nice to meets u! And I hope you glad to meet meee X333 Here's some fun things to know about meee If you know me Irl use She/Her plz and if I only know you online I'm fine with any pronouns, Flower/Flowers acceptable too. Silly things about me!!: ★ Has Bpd, Autism, Depression, Shy, Schizophrenic ★ Aesthetic Cultist » Continue Reading

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