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Haiiii (โ โœฏโ แด—โ โœฏโ ) Nice to meets u! And I hope you glad to meet meee X333 Here's some fun things to know about meee

If you know me Irl use She/Her plz and if I only know you online I'm fine with any pronouns, Flower/Flowers acceptable too.

Silly things about me!!:

โ˜… Has Bpd, Autism, Depression, Shy, Schizophrenic

โ˜… Aesthetic Cultist

โ˜… Gamer girl UwU poggers!

โ˜… ๐Ÿ‘๏ธ๐Ÿ‘„๐Ÿ‘๏ธ I'm inside your walls

โ˜… Not one of those cringy MHA fans I swear

โ˜… Age and puppy regressor (NOT SEXUAL)

Current hyperfixations!!:

โ˜… COD Modern Warfare

โ˜… Mandela Catalog

โ˜… Hello Kitty

โ˜… SAW X

Favorite Animes:

โ˜… A Silent Voiceย 

โ˜… Lucky Star

โ˜… My Hero Academia

โ˜… Haikyuu!!ย 

โ˜… K-on!

โ˜… Sailor Moon


Natsuki (DDLC)

Sayori (DDLC)

Pinkie Pie (MLP)

Rainbow dash (MLP)

Denki (MHA)

Ochako (MHA)

Yui (K-on)

Kinger (TADC)

Ticci Toby (Creepypasta)

Butters (South Park)


โ˜… Homophobic, racist, Trump supporter, Transphobic, ect.

โ˜… Hates any of the things I love (I'll find ur home๐Ÿ’•)

โ˜… Doesn't like cats

โ˜… Doesn't like Phonk

โ˜… Hates Among us (๐Ÿš‘)

โ˜… Won't take me shopping every other day and spoil me rotten while petting me head and calling me a "good puppy" while brushing my hair and getting matching bracelets

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