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Frustrating Appearance Issues

Category: Life

My appearance bothers me dearly. Not just that but I also don’t want to change it, which makes it even more difficult.  I reason me having an awkward appearance contributes to the lack of social interaction with ANYONE at my school or in society in general. If I looked normal, not even attractive just somewhat normal, then I feel like I’d be approachable. I wouldn’t say it’s because I think I’m ug... » Continue Reading

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Unknown Mass Shooting Motives

Category: Blogging

The most frustrating mass killings to research are the ones where the perpetrator(s) have no discernible motive. Like Las Vegas, we still don’t know Paddock’s motivation for carrying out the largest mass shooting in US history. Sandy hook: we have a better insight on the mind of Lanza but still not a clear exact motive. Even ones like Travis Reinking (2018 Waffle House shooting) and Dimitrious Pra... » Continue Reading

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Extreme social anxiety

Category: Life

Dealing with extreme social anxiety is really a toughie. At school last week, I almost threw up in my mouth because someone asked for an eraser. That’s embarrassing as shit and it makes life very hard. I have 2 irl friends and one of them isn’t around often.  The most social interaction I have (outside of aforementioned friends and my family) is when teachers talk to me and that’s at a small minim... » Continue Reading

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