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Frustrating Appearance Issues

My appearance bothers me dearly. Not just that but I also don’t want to change it, which makes it even more difficult. 

I reason me having an awkward appearance contributes to the lack of social interaction with ANYONE at my school or in society in general. If I looked normal, not even attractive just somewhat normal, then I feel like I’d be approachable. I wouldn’t say it’s because I think I’m ugly but it’s a clear case of social rejection via lookism. 

First of all, I’m way too skinny for my height. Being somewhat above average height with an almost skeletal figure not only looks weird but feels it as well. I have an extremely weak chin, which matches my sunken eyes. My nose is somewhat average but crooked. I’m ethnically a mix of Chechen and Kyrgyz, so I’m white but with a sort of barley noticeable yellow brownish tint. This also likely contributes to the sunken and tad bit smaller than usual eyes.

In conclusion; I’m just a weird looking person with sever social anxiety and I really dislike that. I suppose there’s no reason to change anything but moping and complaining online is worth it.

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