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Category: Romance and Relationships

There's this guy I'm talking to. but I swear this is the driest  mf i have ever texted.Like our conversations are so dry. For example I'll be like “I'm bored” and he'll be like “why'' and then I'm like because “I have nothing to do,wyd” and he's like “oh playing a game”. Both of us literally do not know how to speak so I'm not blaming him for me but it's so boring oh my God I'm not even kidding. H... » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

So I know im a healthy weight , but no matter how much I try to get skinnier I still feel like im to fat. I'm a healthy weight but im really skinny but I feel just fat. I feel like no one will love me if i'm unattractive. I starve myself but yet I feel not good enough. » Continue Reading

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