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So I know im a healthy weight , but no matter how much I try to get skinnier I still feel like im to fat. I'm a healthy weight but im really skinny but I feel just fat. I feel like no one will love me if i'm unattractive. I starve myself but yet I feel not good enough.

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I don't know if my words are of any help, but I'll try anyway. I hope they at least won't be of any harm...

Don't starve yourself. It's not worth it, at all.
First of all, you're at a healthy weight, so if you see yourself as fat, it's just your brain being mean and making things up to cause hell about. But honestly, that's really besides the point anyway?

I know I'm being somewhat (read: really) obvious here but the human brain's a messy, weird old thing and sometimes the thoughts that pop up are a nightmare to live with. Sometimes it just goes on and on about how you're "not good enough" for whatever arbitrary reason. Sometimes it might call you fat, and make you feel bad for that, ugly for that, and it's weird because a fat person isn't even inherently unattractive and you never tend to judge others for it... but suddenly when you apply it back to yourself, in your head becomes a fault and ugly somehow. I'd know, my head's been a bitch to me about it in the past, too.

(was just using the general "you" there to be clear, would have used "one" and "oneself" but I'm not from the 1800s)

But just know that you're good enough and there's someone out there for you. There's absolutely nothing wrong with your appearance and someone will see, don't lose hope and don't cause harm to yourself. People of all kinds have always found love and always will, there's nothing stopping you, I suppose if anything it can just a grueling wait sometimes lol. And you won't always feel that way, either. It'll be better, you'll feel better, but starving yourself really isn't the way, it won't fix anything and it's not the solution. You'll feel better someday but it won't be because of that, that can just make it all worse.

If there is anyone you could talk to about this that could help you sort it out then I recommend you do that, but really, I just wish you the best in life and that you can feel better asap and that you can find healthy ways to feel good

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Thank you

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god i'm the same except i'm not actually skinny.. i'm kind of average? regardless I hope you end up somewhere you're happy and healthy

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