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There's this guy I'm talking to. but I swear this is the driest  mf i have ever texted.Like our conversations are so dry. For example I'll be like “I'm bored” and he'll be like “why'' and then I'm like because “I have nothing to do,wyd” and he's like “oh playing a game”. Both of us literally do not know how to speak so I'm not blaming him for me but it's so boring oh my God I'm not even kidding.

How do I spice up the conversation? Because this is boring Af  and I'm not trying to deal with this because I am almost done with this man being so dry it's not even funny. Also this man and I have a very complicated relationship because it's so…. I can't even explain it yk. Also it hurts talking to him because he hit me up 5 months after leaving me, and after i had fixed myself and all of my shit. He was honest;y so alfuw towards me and i thought i was the problem, but even his friends told me i wasn't. But idk....

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hey there! heres coming from a dude who has both been that man awkward andddd been that man wanting to ask out that special someone! not even mocking u LMAO i got a gf now and here to give “amazing tips”. So. In my experience, being forward with what you want never hurts, as long as you dont mind the rejection too much! not that your “weak” if you do, cuz everyone takes rejection differently. Personally, i dont mind it tho, and for certien people who are bad at reading signs they cant tell when you actually like em back! regardless, thats my thoughts, hope this helps!

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Black Raven Riot

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Normally I do not make comments of other people stuff but this, I had to. You say Men are boring but you admitted to being just as dry as this guy you are "talking". Honestly, you both are dry and boring from the sound of it. So saying men are boring when anybody man or women can be boring is just weak. Maybe try finding some common interests to actually talk about and if the dry conversations continue, maybe consider moving on. But the both of you sound as if you both need to work on your talking skills . But, that is just my opinion. Hope you work it out though.

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