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Lemon Boy-Cavetown

Category: Music

There once was a bittersweet man and they called him, "Lemon Boy" He was growing in my garden and I pulled him out by his hair like a weed And like weeds do he only » Continue Reading

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Juliet - Cavetown

Category: Music

I need to cry, but I can't Get anything out of my eyes or my head Did I die? I need to run, but I can't » Continue Reading

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Category: School, College, University

I am in yearbook, meaning i get to create a book about the year of middle school.  I get to take pictures of the 8th grade lunch today, hopefully nothing goes wrong.  » Continue Reading

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Bearded Dragon

Category: Pets and Animals

Yesterday (Sunday), my family got a bearded dragon.  At first I was skeptical, because all I could think about is how he's probably going to get lost, or eaten by our four cats... But then we got a $500 tank for him, and when I saw that it's secure glass, I was sure that » Continue Reading

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Sick days

Category: Life

I was sick over the weekend. I decided to go to school today, Monday, since i just have a cough now. The cough really hurts though.  I decided to go to school not because I like the classes, but because I know that if I didn't i'd miss my friends all day long.  I'd also miss him, if you know what i mean. » Continue Reading

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Category: Pets and Animals

I have four cats. Their names are Eddie, Katie, Ollie, and Debbie. We name all of our cats with 'ie' at the end. Eddie and Ollie are the two that like me best. Eddie is a boy, Ollie is a girl. Eddie is a tuxedo cat with a pink nose and green eyes. Ollie is an orange tabby cat who has a pink nose and green eyes as well. She also has pink beans. Like her paws are pink, same as Eddie. Except Eddie ha... » Continue Reading

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