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Category: Blogging

My school is doing a fundraiser for the RFDS!!! I live in the middle of buttfuck nowhere and our hospital is somewhat incompetent. The RFDS fly planes out here to take people to hospitals that have more resources to care of people. They stopped my lil brother from suffocating and dying!!!! also planes are expensive. Also, the student who donates the most money gets to slime a teacher,, nickelodeon... » Continue Reading

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9 months with my BF <3

Category: Blogging

I’ve officially been with my wonderful matesprit Jasper for 9 months!!! That’s fucking crazy! » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

I am super fixated on dayshift at Freddy’s rn!!!! Please please talk to me if you still have an interest in it. I need to talk about it or I’m literally gonna explode(/j). The series is so important to me and has been for years. I finished replaying the whole series yesterday and being older now I can actually understand the story and the writing is SO FUCKING GOOD. the voice acting is immaculate ... » Continue Reading

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Updated introduction!!

Category: Blogging

HellooOoooO!! My name is Requin Kendra, but I alsoO go by the names Fefeta, Eridan and Squid! My proOnouns are he/it/grub/glub/gills/goop - neos are preferred! Things I like!🫧🪼 Books, cartoons, comics, stuffed animals, marine life, rocks and minerals, kandi, jewlery, Home decor, sparkles, bright colours, being mischievous, doing the wrong thing, whippits Media I like! 🫧🪼 Homestuck, Johnny the homi... » Continue Reading

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Blinkie/stamp dump!

Category: SpaceHey

Ill add more and fix the page up later!! MoOst oOof these are stoOlen oOof the intertets!!                                                                         » Continue Reading

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An introOduction to me!

Category: Blogging

HelloOoo!! My name is Requin. YoOu may alsoO call me snOrk,, its just a silly little nickname. my proOnouns are glub/splish/splash/wave/he (neos preferred) I am a seaboy. My sexuality stays as unlabelled foOr now I am alterhuman / oOtherkin, I am a violetbloOod. Dont be scared thoOugh, I doO think I am a bit nicer that a lot of the other vioOletbloods Iv'e known, I am very friendly! To anyfish tha... » Continue Reading

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Homestuck irls please talk to me

Category: Life

I would talk to anyoOne, I just want to talk to somefish again that is a trOoll. I really do want tO talk to Feferi, Nep and TavrOos, but i'll be happy toO glub with almost anyfish. It's proOlly best to introOduce myself here toO. My name is Requin and I am a vioOletblood, (dw I am nice heehee) I am autistic and I loOve magic! I love special roOcks that make magic toO! ≈:3 » Continue Reading

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Anyone else here listen to Gorillaz?

Category: Music

My absolute favourite band ever. pls friend me if you like them too!! what're your favourite songs from them?? » Continue Reading

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Blog page layout test

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

A funky blog page to match my profile! » Continue Reading

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