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Blinkie/stamp dump!

Ill add more and fix the page up later!! MoOst oOof these are stoOlen oOof the intertets!!

blu dividerpurple rulez meow catfish nurse shore acab goldfish watching glasses neil cicierega fine bighug gay squid rights sharks exist phormones grovy bby gay snail baby glaggle 

 glubglubs grubgrubs use my neos boys in pink sea is home seaside healt ocean bastard cringebutfree layout freak yippee hemoequality water drinker violetblood gentle bblrap aquarius nyan whale of a time page of light duckies sea dweller my bf rocks cringebutfree fishy fishy daydream snorkmimiim bedime bweevils blu divider

ihearths emoticons da ocean daydreamer pool watur gummysharkl staRS ihearteridan infiniterotation homestuck grapefaygo pantone holo milk luvr mlm vry slpy pantone stardust eridan ourple eridan again stuffiez basatarsd sensitive wiggly :3 am alien moon hardest desiciom espeon star glittr heart wooper coelacanths luv fidhs  stlveon purl stars axolotl luv my music hehim transboys valid pretty boy reply to coments deurodv otherkin sound of rain boys in dresses bind safley pillbug neoprns gLactic diccc jellyfij baby pkm more ocean nekoatsume goldfij sylveon lovbes sylv exploding woop wooper bubble t invader zim poplio foxpluj random screaming kitty dream same thing over sylvsylv hyehimmm ptsd pink ocean keep dreaming tentacl evveloutions transboysrboys love aliens creachur aquar petty hehimomg zigzagoon evveloutions transboysrboys love aliens creachur aquar petty hehimomg isopod hours shaggy pentagrams cant sleepslim isopos yippe html sucks losyeon zigzagoon sylveon sylveon anomoloccaris cambrian diet and animals lives are more important omg guys metalbarribcage

 kindness changes good book cte pkm

flushed pale ashen caliginous quadrant divider

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