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my birthday night (tw: reference to self harm)

Category: Life

as i laid there under the duvet, in their embrace, with their hand resting on my thigh, i couldnt help my shaking. I was terrified, their fingers just inches below my cuts, still dirty with dry bood. They asked me if im alright. „Yes” i replied „Just the cold” as they started stroking my skin, barely missing my scars under the pants. I have never been more scared, than that night, laying there afr... » Continue Reading

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new painting

Category: Art and Photography

i started a new painting, and i created a lil backstory, so ill share it. its about two lovers, who are in the army. one of them works at the radio station, and the other gets sent to the front. the radio station guy knows where they will send his lover, and he knows he is gonna die, but doesnt say anything. the painting shows their last dance.  i couldnt really explain it in english, but the poin... » Continue Reading

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trans problems

Category: Life

i dont know if anyone else experiences this, but i just cant feel attractive when i dress passing. I really wanna be seen as a man, but because i cant feel pretty, i tend to oversexualize myself for validation » Continue Reading

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