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new shoezz

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

soo i know it was a bad idea I KNOW but i just ordered two more pairs of demonias, bringing my total collection of platforms to ten. i really cant afford it at the moment, but with my life kinda being a shitstorm for the past 6 months i thought i would treat myself.  the pairs i bought are the black swing 815s and the slacker 160s. i feel kind of dumb buying the swing 815s again since i already ha... » Continue Reading

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for ppl who own demonias

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

so i have like 8 pairs of platform shoes now, mostly demonias and i was wondering which shoe style people find the most comfortable to walk in and wear for long periods of time. the buckle heeled pair that everyone went crazy over in 2020 (swing 815) are probably the least comfortable to wear in my opinion, and its weird because literally anyone who is into platforms just has this pair for some re... » Continue Reading

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platform shoes

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

so all of the platforms i own are mostly demonias, (swing 815 in pink, damned 318 in velvet black, 2 pairs of camel 203s in black and white and a camel 311 in brown) but lately ive been rlly wanting a good pair of platform sneakers since all i have are platform boots really.  my usual sneakers are filas and they do have a pair of platforms that I've been thinking ab getting but I've also been thin... » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

hi im super new here and i dont really know what im doing but i'd like to meet some new people! here's a bit about me: im adria, im 19 and i like things like shoes and skating. i love music and going to concerts, smoking with friends, and watching stupid reality tv from 10 years ago. im pretty boring, but friend me if u wanna talk! (: » Continue Reading

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