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for ppl who own demonias

so i have like 8 pairs of platform shoes now, mostly demonias and i was wondering which shoe style people find the most comfortable to walk in and wear for long periods of time.

the buckle heeled pair that everyone went crazy over in 2020 (swing 815) are probably the least comfortable to wear in my opinion, and its weird because literally anyone who is into platforms just has this pair for some reason and in my experience its been the toughest to walk in, and i have much taller platforms than those. just thought it was a funny thing.

i dont have any of the shaker or stomp platforms, and people say those are the most comfortable style of all, but id probably argue that the camel styles are the most comfy. they have the big tall heel that i want from platforms, but doesn't make me feel like im walking on stilts. every single pair of camel platforms that i own are easy and seamless to wear, i mean i wear them to work for a 9 hour shift and there's literally no issues. (i know people say not to wear your platforms everyday but im very careful with each pair haha) i would probably put those on the top of my list for beginners platforms. cute, stylish, and very wearable, and thats what you really want from a shoe. LOL

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