new shoezz

soo i know it was a bad idea I KNOW but i just ordered two more pairs of demonias, bringing my total collection of platforms to ten. i really cant afford it at the moment, but with my life kinda being a shitstorm for the past 6 months i thought i would treat myself. 

the pairs i bought are the black swing 815s and the slacker 160s. i feel kind of dumb buying the swing 815s again since i already have them in pink and i also have black damned 318s, (which are the same exact shoe without the raised heel) but i really wanted to do a black and pink look with my shoes like all the girlies on pinterest and tiktok lol, i personally dont find the swing models very comfy but i feel like i could rock it once i find all the right pieces for my outfits

also side rant about the swing 815s i have a mental battle with myself because yes i find them so hot i love them ugh but half the time i dont wanna post myself in them bc theyre so "basic" online im wating for someone to call me a poser

but anyways the second shoes i bought are wayyy shorter than any other platform i have, when i first started buying specifically demonias about a year and a half ago i wanted the tallest and the most eye catching boots i could find because 1 im short and 2 i thought it would be a good conversation starter since im SO BAD at talking to people id rather ppl just come up to me and im forced to talk lol is that weird

but these are still rlly hot, they have the adjustable buckles and everything. everyone talks about how bad the quality is on demonia shoes, but i plan to take that to the test and wear these ones everyday. because i feel like if youre wearing 4-5 inch platforms everyday, theyre bound to break because of how heavy they are on the bottom but with these, if the shoe is just made badly it will fail on me. we will seeee !

okay end of my rant this was mostly for me im sorry for anyone who actually read this

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