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Category: Friends

hiya!! does anyone wanna be friends!? just send me a friend req » Continue Reading

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SHITTY FRIEND ALERT!!! longish vent blog

Category: Life

okay so this is kinda like an AITA bcc people are starting to make me feel like an  asshole about dumping this friend!? okay so me and this person (ill call them tracy in case they find this lolol) have been friends for like 6 years and we have the same mutual best friends (ill call them elle and bee for this post). So i have another friend called fred and me and him have been friends for literall... » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

trying to blog as if its 2009 is soooo hard xD my writing style changed a lot since i was literally 7 years old lolz trying to remember all the slang and stuff ARGH!!!!11!11!11111!!!! it makes me feel sooooo old rofl » Continue Reading

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