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glitters!!!! (and also just graphics that r cool)

Category: Art and Photography

just some fun glitters i found (from glitter-graphics.com!!) » Continue Reading

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fictional crushezzzzzzz

Category: Blogging

OKAY IDK HOW MUCH OF A SELFSHIPPING COMMUNITY THERE IS HERE BUTTTTTTTTTTTTT KIYOTAKA ISHIMARU............. MY BELOVED..................... bluhhhhhhh >/////// < likeeeeee hessss my boyfie.................... im watching a playthrough of dr1 (again lol) n like i wsnt prepared to just kinna fall in love with him all over againnnnnnnnnnnnn but i didddddddddddddddddddddddd so something i can confirm 4... » Continue Reading

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rambling abt muzic n shit

Category: Music

okayyyy soz ive been listening 2 an old favorite band of mine recently (aeseaes if any1's wondering) and ive had likeeeee 2 of their songs stuck in my head :/// n theyre good songs n all but I really dont want them playing over n over in my head when i cant fucking sing themmmmmmm the songs are bloodlust  n plenty . ALSO i fucking HATE hyperpop. hyperpop??? more like hyperPO » Continue Reading

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how 2 properly add pics :/

Category: SpaceHey

i rlly wanna add pics 2 a blog entry but every time i try 2 it doesnt work :////// any1 know how 2 do it right?????? » Continue Reading

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Category: Romance and Relationships

gahhhhhh >. < I THINK I HAVE SUCH A BIG CRUSH ON THIS GIRLLLLL.... we r not together or anythin but i wanna call her my gf n since shes not here... n u guyz dunno him... imma just call her my gf n e way. they r soooooo pretty............ n nice n cool n shizzzz... weve been frens 4 years n idk if i like like like  her or if im just attached bc peeps dont normally stay around that long but liekk » Continue Reading

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survey (abt me again)

Category: Blogging

THE MYSPACE ABOUT ME SURVEY TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF name:: tez/void/zi/calcifer nickname:: Cal/ZiZi how old are you:: minor zodiac sign:: libra current location:: nunya eye color:: grey hair color:: blue n brown hair type:: thick, kinda wavy hieght:: 5'3" shoe's you wore today:: checkered vans » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

heyyyy!!!! im new here so im just gonna do a lil get to know me!! name(s): tez, void, calcifer, zi height: 5'4" age: high school aged birthday: oct. 20 girl bff: ray!!! guy bff: zach :) » Continue Reading

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