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I Laughed

Category: Life

At the bus stop where I stand with the same person everyday never talking to each other. Today, no different than other day, I was watching a Brittany Broski and Sara Schauer video I literally barely chuckled, a small laugh out loud. The kid I stand with almost completely turned around, looked at me and raised his eyebrow. Like bro I apologize for LAUGHING quietly.  » Continue Reading

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My Freshman Year is Almost Over

Category: School, College, University

I have like two weeks left of school, and the last week may not even be a full one. At one point I was sad because my first year of high school that I was looking forward to so much was almost over. Now though, I am just so tired of the people in my class and this school as a whole that I'm so ready for a prolonged break. This year went by so fast and I kinda feel like I wasted all of it on being ... » Continue Reading

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Attack on Titan

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

I’m just now starting Attack on Titan. I’ve heard so much about it and everything else I’ve half watched the past few days has gotten pretty boring, hopefully I can stick to this and like it. The only anime I’ve ever finished is Parasyte and I loved it, from what I’ve heard I’m expecting this to be up there with Parasyte in terms of being good. » Continue Reading

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