My Freshman Year is Almost Over

I have like two weeks left of school, and the last week may not even be a full one. At one point I was sad because my first year of high school that I was looking forward to so much was almost over. Now though, I am just so tired of the people in my class and this school as a whole that I'm so ready for a prolonged break. This year went by so fast and I kinda feel like I wasted all of it on being sad and being focused on one person, but at least I can grow from my experience with them, and most of that situation is over. Still lowkey sad that it's over but I'm so ready to move on that I'm not even dwelling on how it kinda sucked and feels somewhat wasted. Towards the end now, I'm just starting to figure out that I need to play this social game a certain way which is a little too late but it has caused me to be a bit happier recently. Actually so excited for May 13!

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