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Category: SpaceHey

I've been making layouts for anyone and everyone to use! (if you have any more suggestions of what I should make next put it in the comments » Continue Reading

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Category: Quiz/Survey

Name: Gre/Damian but I still don't know if I like those Nickname: I don't really have them but my partner calls me ghost/ghosty age: 13 zodiac signs: ♑ ☉ ♎︎ ☽ ♎︎ ↑ ㅤ current location: Illinois! Eye colour: green and Hazel (I have heterochromia aka I just have two different color eyes) hair colour: black and red hair type:  fluffy and   puffy but if I don't blow dry it very curly height: idk like 5... » Continue Reading

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I'm back from my hiatus

Category: Blogging

-I'm sorry for being gone for so long I've been active in like 5 months I've had a lot of family drama throughout this whole entire year so I couldn't have been really active I can't promise that I'm going to stay active throughout the next year but I'm going to At least a little active So yeah I'm sorry that I was gone for so long I hope I didn't worry anyone and that's all - Damien signing off  » Continue Reading

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update on my layouts!

Category: SpaceHey

In The Code! - on my layouts they are going to have in the code  "layout made by !!𖤐Sleepy_Gh0st𖤐!!" in the About Me section! so please don't delete that part :D - if you have any suggestions for new layouts comment them! ~ LOVE   GREY » Continue Reading

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stop. (TW mention of suicide)

Category: Writing and Poetry

i'm begging you all, please stop calling Kagamine Rin - Girl A ( 少女A ) "edgy" or "emo". ''powapowa has struggled with severe depression and social pressure throughout his whole life, and most if not all of his songs depict that. he used music to try to convey his feelings towards society, himself and most of all: his future. one of the things he used to talk about the most was how much he wanted t... » Continue Reading

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