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Moving to a Townhouse (Being a homeowner)

Category: Life

Got a townhome recently and couldn't be anytime sooner; location is nice and the neighbors seem pretty chill (one of them is a botanist.) Going to have to get foam mats for the dining room area though as that'll be where I'm planning to lift weights and work out. Also going to need sound proofing for the walls near the TVs I don't want my sick ass Home theater set up (Pictured below) to go to wast... » Continue Reading

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Check Out my Books on Amazon!

Category: Writing and Poetry

Check out my books here  they're pretty fairly priced and are on sale digitally for .99 cents till the end of the holidays. Also try using this QR code below. » Continue Reading

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Spacehey: A Creepypasta

Category: Writing and Poetry

Chas0r98 [12:00 PM]: "Hey dude, check it out. *Link is sent* Someone recreated MySpace." ThadDad96 [12:03 PM]: "Oh holy shit I just signed up, this is both wacky and wild." That was the beginning of the end, that was when the dark times started. My name is Thaddeus and if you are reading this I am currently in the bathroom of my local Denny's hiding from... him. It all started on a night unlike an... » Continue Reading

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