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Moving to a Townhouse (Being a homeowner)

Got a townhome recently and couldn't be anytime sooner; location is nice and the neighbors seem pretty chill (one of them is a botanist.) Going to have to get foam mats for the dining room area though as that'll be where I'm planning to lift weights and work out. Also going to need sound proofing for the walls near the TVs I don't want my sick ass Home theater set up (Pictured below) to go to waste BUT I also don't wanna be the scumf*ck of the universe who annoys their neighbors. If anyone has any good sound proofing brands or a way to maybe work around this please let me know as I really wanna make living in this new home super chill. 

Any advice from previous townhouse owners would be cool too. I'm kinda nervous since I am owning property now but for the most part everything was in order (got the place from a guy who worked construction for a living) nothing needs to be replaced maybe repainted but not replaced. Everything looks really nice inside too I just gatta get some holes filled in with putty but the house feels brand new for being from the 1970s.

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