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Spacehey: A Creepypasta

Chas0r98 [12:00 PM]: "Hey dude, check it out. *Link is sent* Someone recreated MySpace."

ThadDad96 [12:03 PM]: "Oh holy shit I just signed up, this is both wacky and wild."

That was the beginning of the end, that was when the dark times started. My name is Thaddeus and if you are reading this I am currently in the bathroom of my local Denny's hiding from... him. It all started on a night unlike any other night. I had gotten my warm glass of milk and a piping hot plate of cookies when I sat down to message my best friend Chase online. Always being a source of new information and relative merriment; good old Chase would always pull through with something.  

"Hello you silly silly fat smelly fart sack!" I typed to him tickling my brow as I shoveled soggy wet milk cookies into my gaping unhinged maw; slapping away at the cookies with my fat cow tongue I watched as the Discord chat bar filled with the words "Chas0r98 is typing..."  Excited at the prospect of my friend of many years replying I opened my jaw wider making an audible squeaking sound from deep within. "My good friend Chase of many years is typing!" I shouted fully erect from my chair. 

The screen flashed and the message came through:

"Chas0r98 [12:00 PM]: "Hey dude, check it out. *Link is sent* Someone recreated MySpace."
ThadDad96 [12:03 PM]: "Oh holy shit I just signed up, this is both wacky and wild." 

I clicked the link and browsed hundreds of diary entries and looked at all the potential new friends i could make on this retro call back to one of the worst experiences in my human life; the nostalgic rush of dopamine rushed to my loins as I created an account. Friends and art all around all about the site, I guffawed at how well some of these internet artists were. My pupils were dilated in the awe and spectacle of the colors and line work. Truly I was living in a digital world, truly I was running in the 90s. 

Midnight turned to one and one soon turned to three; eventually I was left alone in our little call group with nothing more than a music bot and the website Spacehey. I had been using the random feature that was so prominent on each interactive page to find new profiles of people to add and possibly talk to; clicking feverishly and drooling from the rhythmic pattern of it, something finally over took me and I noticed I was nearly zombified by the activity. "Woah, that's enough internet for me." I said with my baritone chuckle. "More friend searching tomorrow." I moved my boney malnourished fingy closer to the "off" button of my CRT monitor when I noticed something. The fuzzy feel of the CRT seemed to call to me; it caressed my finger and I thought a very natural thought. "It... couldn't hurt to look for one more friend... could it?" 

Quickly my sausage fingers moved to the mouse and keyboard; just like a fat man at a DOOM tournament back in '99 I was on the site clicking "random" in the friend search once more. That's when it landed on him and I uttered: "Tom." There he was with his familiar white tshirt, long toothy ear to ear smile, his whiteboard covered in dry erase lettering and of course his ominous red eye from the early 2000s digital camera. Clicking on his profile it transported me back to MySpace... literally. I was in awe of how his custom pro-profile  could change the Spacehey logo and everything to read "MySpace." 

"Wow that's so epic!" I yelled clapping my feet together like the chimp I am; using my monkey abilities and tail I clicked "add to friends" and smiled. "There, now off to bed to rest my head." Pushing my chair into my desk I walked off opening my bedroom door and slamming it shut; the echo waking my parents from their slumber like the betas they are. I lay in bed that night tossing and turning with a smile so incredibly radiant it could only be viewed from behind a safe nuclear testing bunker. My mind was racing with all the conversations I and Tom would have; would he tell me insider secrets or perhaps tell me what the internet was really like. The possibilities were limited but endless. 

The next day I awoke to see my parents had gone and left the house leaving behind a note: "Dear Son, you are finally old enough to stay home alone. Please do not use the internet whilst we are gone. -Mummy and Dada"  I scoffed at them, "Ha! The fools think I will obey the no internet order but they are wrong!" I wiped morning snot from my nose and flung it across the room where it hit a picture of my dead grandmama. Rushing over to the internet box and turning it on I watched as the all too familiar Xfinity internet box lit up one light on its faceplate at a time; phone, second phone, cable, DHL, DSL and finally the back up battery lights all came on in one solid color. "Now to turn on the computer which will allow me to view the internet and Spacehey; the newest and coolest internet social media website since Liveleak." I said pointing my finger to the moon. 

Clicking the "on" button I was greeted not with the Spacehey main menu but instead I was on... MySpace. I chuckled like a fucker to myself and stated: "But of course; this must be Tom's page I forgot to click off of." I clicked the "MySpace" logo thinking it would send me back but it did not! I kept clicking and clicking and the site simply got more and more angry. Instead of it saying "MySpace: a Space for Friends" It slowly became corrupted till it read:

"Myspace: A place to D̶̡̥̽̑̓͝I̵͉̠̣̫͐́͗E̴̦͕̻͆͂͑ͅ." I jumped back in my seat, even the website's white background became a dark red color and appeared to change into something completely demonic. What looked to be hyper realistic blood cells began to float around the main page and make sloppy wet slapping sounds each time they hit the sides of the monitor. Much like the "standby" mode on an old DVD player these... "blood cells" bounced around in a playful manner. Next there were bugs crawling all over the main welcome page; the sound of their small legs pitter pattering across warm bulbus glass made me sick to my stomach; some of these bug creatures walked into the blood cells causing them to smear a red ichor across the screen like a dog rubbing its anus on the carpet leaves a skid mark.

I wretched at the sound and site of bugs moving within someone's veins just below the skin; I must have tried in vain to get off the main site as soon images of a bloody Tom from MySpace flashed across the screen; his toothy grin widening and becoming more hyper realistic. "What is this hell?" I yelled finally clicking off the main page onto the new faces tab; there I was eyeball to eyeball with a wall of "New People." The problem was that they weren't new people; they were in fact a wall of Tom's. Each more grotesque and vile than the last Tom on the page. One Tom was in a wizard get up pulling a decapitated head complete with neck organs dangling from a hat, another Tom was smiling while eating a hyper realistic dog in a state of panic; there was a Tom who was grinning ear to ear mouth wide open revealing extra rows of teeth, and another Tom was also  grinning ear to ear only he had no skin only muscle structure and bone. 

Trying to look away from the demonic wall of Toms I noticed my monitor began to bleed. I watched in horror as a small red pool circled the CRT monitor causing it to spark and flicker with dark demonic electrical current. Afraid I quickly clicked over to my friend Chase's profile and messaged him. 

ThadDad96 [3:00 PM]: "Bro there is something wrong with teh site!"

Chas0r98 [3:01 PM]: "...."

ThadDad96 [3:01 PM]: "Chase?"

Chas0r98 [3:05 PM]: "Have you checked out the a̴͕̫͌̊̂ṟ̷̮̳̞͠t̴̨̺́́͜ͅ section of M̷̼̊̔͂y̵̤̫̒͝͝S̷͎̻̑p̷̮̹̮̭̓͆͝ȃ̵̧̢̘̃̅̈́c̸̩̟̫͒̆͘ȩ̷̭̑̓̕ it is pretty keen. M̶̭̄ȳ̷̳S̴̩͝p̸̞͌â̶͇c̶̟͛e̵̱̍:̴̣͆ ̴͘ͅA̸̗̕ ̶̩͘P̸̩̈́l̸̺͝ă̶̜c̶͎̀e̷͉͠ ̷͙̐ṱ̴͌o̶̘͛ ̸̳̏D̶̛̟ï̴̠e̵̙͑  M̶̭̄ȳ̷̳S̴̩͝p̸̞͌â̶͇c̶̟͛e̵̱̍:̴̣͆ ̴͘ͅA̸̗̕ ̶̩͘P̸̩̈́l̸̺͝ă̶̜c̶͎̀e̷͉͠ ̷͙̐ṱ̴͌o̶̘͛ ̸̳̏D̶̛̟ï̴̠e̵̙͑."

I jumped back as Chase sent that a loud bang was heard in my room; I turned to see a large priceless vase my family handed down from generation to generation had seemingly been pushed off the night stand and shattered into millions of tiny pieces. Turning from the scare I began to try and turn off the computer but noticed it already was. Shrugging I assumed I had turned it off in my greasy panic; sighing I tried to make sense of the situation that had just played out. "What ever shall I do? this was quite the scary experience." I asked myself scratching the cellulite on my thick Neanderthal brow. 

That's when I noticed the breathing on the nap of my neck.

It sounded labored like someone wearing a tight latex mask over their face for Halloween. From the killer's perspective I looked to be the fool; huddled around the computer like a hunter gatherer looking to a dead animal for the meaning of life. I slowly stood up keeping my back to the breathing and pushed my chair in; the sound of what I assumed were hooves on my tile floor mimicked each step and motion I made. Who ever... or what ever was in my house didn't think I knew it was there. Taking a step back this creature also took a step back. I side stepped towards the door and it too moved with me; eventually I heard its breathing begin to wheeze and be labored the closer I made it to my shoes near the front door. Slipping each shoe on with my back turned I could feel the heat emanating from the creature's body on my back. Poking my butt out a bit whilst struggling to put my shoes on I could nearly feel the boney leg structure of this being. 

Finally with the last shoe on I took a deep breath, released some gas and I turned to make eye contact with this being in my home. To my shock and pissed pants dismay the creature was in fact my parents. Their fleshy bodies had formed together like some kind of sick Siamese twins; if there was such a thing as human welding this would be it. There was a third head on the body of the abomination that used to be my mother and father however; this head was a Tom. Just like the other Toms form the website this one was also smiling ear to ear with an extra row of hyper realistic teeth in his maw. The Tom's eye's were a fuzzy dark black that looked to be two large bullet holes in his head; the blood poured from the Tom head in a fuzzy red waterfall of gore and bugs. From the Tom's smile crawled thousands of spiders, millipedes and roaches each bug nesting itself in my mother or father's head. 

I backed away tot he front door in fear; my knees knocking against each other trying to jumpstart a run. The large tumorous lump of flesh and moaning pain that was my parents slowly shifted itself closer; each "step" the flesh ball took made a sloshing wet sound with a mixture of dry macaroni crunching, no doubt their bones moving freely cracking with every step. "Staaaay with ussss." The creature bleated in pain. "We cannn be a populaaaar familyy on the interneeeet. Think of all the clicckssss." On que the computer booted up to show a Tik tok compilation of mother's dressing their daughters up like them, it cycled through to a family of three doing a trend dance in unison and then flickered for a brief moment on an old video from the Youtuber "Daddy-o-five" screaming at his children. 

I quickly pushed the door down using all 450 pounds of my fat to break it down. I began to roll my soft supple body down the street of my neighborhood to the safest place I knew; the local Denny's. As I did the neighborhood seemed to be taken over by these demonic Tom beings looking for internet relevance and clicks. My next door neighbor had a Tom growing off his groin and was doing Fortnite floss dances in his front yard; each movement was a painful crack and his eyes watered. Unfortunately, the ear to ear smile on both my neighbor and Tom were unwavering; this man was compelled by forces unseen to shatter his pelvis bones for Fortnite clout. Each exaggerated floss movement caused the pelvic Tom to throw up copious amounts of hyper realistic blood and teeth from the alligator jaw it had. I knew I had to get to the Denny's the second the other Tom infected townsfolk saw me and started to chase after in hopes of a "collab." I pulled out my trusty carton of butter and lathered myself up for a 5% speed bonus.

When I got to the Denny's my heart sank as I came careening into the main window of the restaurant only to be face to face with a wall of Toms once more; even the employee of the month wall was now totally replaced with Tom. The pandemic was in full swing. I quickly pulled out my M60 and Rambo head band uttering one cool line before opening fire, "Come on and slam and welcome to the jam." The Tom's jumped at me but it was useless; a wall of bullets ripped through the mutated freaks and I slowly made my way over to the bathroom screaming just like Sylvester Stallone up until the M60 clicked indicated it was out. So here I am sitting in a Denny's bathroom barricaded with an empty tub of butter and an empty M60. 

I can hear them on the other end, they're clawing at the door as I type this. Their nails making a wretched metallic scrapping sound followed by a raw wet slice; I can even hear when their fingernails fall off and hit the tile floor of the Denny's. I don't know if I'll make it or if this is even real anymore, the bathroom door is really weak now and wobbling; all I know is two things: 

1) Never add Tom to your list.

2) Spacehey is a g̸̺͝ṙ̷͓è̸̟a̴͎̿ṫ̷̼ ̷̳̕p̴͓̌l̸̝͝a̷͚̔c̴̢̄e̶͔̒ ̷̻̃t̶̬͂ơ̸̠ ̴̼͐c̷̨̒o̵͓̍l̷͖̉l̴͙̿à̴ͅb̵͙̆o̶̹͋ŕ̴̳ả̵͔t̸̩̎e̶̪̓.̶̙͋ ̷͙̅A̷̭͊d̸̖̈d̷̩̏ ̴̡̀ḿ̶̻e̴͉͠.̷̙̋


                                                                   Ṭ̶̡̨̛̛̥̞͓͙̦̮̹͉̜͓̰̭̻̞͛̀́͑̎̅̌́́̎̀͌̒̎̈͐́̉̃͆̌̆̍̄́̐̄̈́͆̈́̄̚͘͘͜͜͝h̴̡̧̧͎͓̬̳̺̘̮̤͎̰̟̙͈͛̑̓̌͆̅͛̈́͛̏́̄̿̅͂͑̒̒̒̓̒́̊̔͑̓̎̌̒̿̚̚̚͝͝͠͝ę̶̛̛̯͚̹̦͖̝̖̬̪̙̘̣̣̳͉͚̥̗̺̳̘̙̼̳͕̊̃̌͗͌̌̇̑̾̓͗͌͐̊̂̑̿͑͒͂͛́̆̈́̈́̇͛̾̈́̔̔̃͛̿̽͘̚̕͘͜͝ ̵̢̦̻̰̝̜̳̰͉̰̟̪͓̦̦̭͓̱͖̞̰͇̲̠̻͕̝͔̬̜̻͎̥͓̪͇͕̱̱̆͐̿̔̌͊͘͜͜͠Ể̴̡̨̛̛̩̣̘͇̦̝͓̲̯̺͉̻͙̰̝̀̒̑̔̓͆͂̆͑̈͒͂͗̉̍̂͌̚͠ͅn̵̛̛̲̝͓͓̭̞͕̮̹̙̬̤͓̠̟͎̹̹͇̫̦̰͕̒́̀̐̉̆̓̓̒̊̾̈́̀͐̅̌͒̌́͑̓͛̈́̄͆̈́̈͜͠͝͠͠ḏ̵̢̧̧̦̱̝͈͖̫̼͕̭̘̮̘͐͌̆̄̽̈́̈́́̅͊̈́͗͛̾͜͝͝.̶̣̯̭̭̙̤̥͓̪̝͆̐̽̾̂͐̀̓͐͗̈͌̽̀͝͝

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