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I Remember When...

Category: SpaceHey

Being "Myspace Famous" was a thing. Where you popular with over 500+ friends but chances are you had no clue who they were. Those 500+ friends were just there and liking posts, pictures and statuses.  I also remember the authenticity. No one had to use special programs or apps to generate fake followers.  Just saying. I actually liked that fad and now it's coming up again, I wouldn't mind "SpaceHe... » Continue Reading

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We need to talk about...

Category: Life

How my recent ex-workplace drove me mad. I'm just expressing myself. Not interested in arguing or getting reported.  Call me lazy all you want but I'm sure I'm not the only one who hates the idea of jobs and bills around here. The terrible idea of "working to survive" is why unhappiness is thriving.  I get it some folks like work and providing and feeling empowered. Well more power to you! I wish ... » Continue Reading

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Hi I'm Dominique

Category: Life

I'm a traumatized individual.  I'm an outsider and outcast.  My family is ashamed of me because I give them secondhand-embarrassment.  I get mistreated a lot for being different. I get ignored a lot because of my attitude. I can be toxic sometimes.  I am constantly discriminated against.  I am left out and left behind on a lot in my life.  Deprivation of basic life needs are rampant.  Either no on... » Continue Reading

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