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We need to talk about...

How my recent ex-workplace drove me mad. I'm just expressing myself. Not interested in arguing or getting reported. 

Call me lazy all you want but I'm sure I'm not the only one who hates the idea of jobs and bills around here. The terrible idea of "working to survive" is why unhappiness is thriving. 

I get it some folks like work and providing and feeling empowered. Well more power to you! I wish I felt the same but I don't. 

I worked several types of jobs only to result in drinking problems and mental breakdowns. 

I guess I'm just too soft and weak to handle such a cruel society and deserve the mistreatment that comes with it. 

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Sunny Banks

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I can't tell you the last time I actually had a job
and this is one of the reasons why
everyone doesn't have a kind heart
people aren't always mindful to what you got going on
outside of work so they tend to be insensitive
I'm just here to let you know you aren't alone
I literally gave up working cause I'd always have a break
down at work and start crying
I just got lucky and ended up finding someone
who was willing to love me enough to let me not work
I know it sounds cliche but things do get better.
just focus on you. try to focus on the positive.
and if all else fails. start applying for new jobs
while at the old one lol
sending love and light your way love :)

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I sincerely appreciate that and I'm really happy that it's worked out for you.

I always felt selfish for wanting to not work with the public anymore. Clearly, I'm not happy at all with how this "equal rights in the workplace" thing is going. Low pay, insensitivity, I've experienced there's STILL workplace discrimination against women...oh they can have that back.

by Dom; ; Report

Yeah I completely understand
We in a new age now
So much has changed and shifted
Since the start of covid
Maybe try looking into a work
from home job. That may give
You some peace.

by Sunny Banks; ; Report