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Hi I'm Dominique

I'm a traumatized individual. 

I'm an outsider and outcast. 

My family is ashamed of me because I give them secondhand-embarrassment. 

I get mistreated a lot for being different.

I get ignored a lot because of my attitude.

I can be toxic sometimes. 

I am constantly discriminated against. 

I am left out and left behind on a lot in my life. 

Deprivation of basic life needs are rampant. 

Either no one likes listening to me or could careless about what I go through and deal with. 

I wrote and published a book.

I love to paint fine art. 

I can't be great and change the world on an 8hr shift. 

I hate r*cism & r*cists.  Regardless of color, they're all ugly. 

I'm more spiritual than religious

I'm an (April) Aries via sun sign! (Comment if you are too!) 

Tuesdays are the days I talk the most because it's a day meant for Aries + Scorpios! 

Yeah you caught me. I have abandonment problems and daddy issues. Go ahead and laugh. Everyone else I knew did. 

I'm a people-pleaser and I hate it. Sucks I have to walk on eggshells just to keep a level of peace. 

I don't rely on kids, or men for my self-worth. 

I don't have any kids. I'm a proud aunty though. 

I hate that I have to be busy to feel okay. 

At least God can relate right? 

I do cosplay frequently. LOVE attending conventions!

I've been a disney Princess once. 

(Myself included) I believe everyone gets what they deserve. 

I despise customer service because customers are NEVER right and they suck. 

I love music. (Shout out to all the music makers and artists!) 

I want to travel the world in search of lost treasure and explorations. 

I'm a BIG 90s GEEK! And there's nothing no one can do to change this. 

I'm an emotional being with a human heart. So dismissing my feelings by telling me to "get over it" only pisses me off more. 

IDK why folks want to generate a negative reaction out of me so badly. That wastes energy. 

Speaking of energy, I like turtles around here recycling matters to me. 

Don't ever touch me.

If there's one thing in this life that's never interrupted is sleep. I'm most peaceful when I'm asleep. I'm safer in my dreams than I am in real life. 

I think that's all I have for now. If anything else comes up I'll either post or something LOL. 

See ya!

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