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I made a lucky purchase tonight! :O

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

so this plush for those who dont know is something that blew up really big from this brand called 'Tasty Peach' and they use to sell them at hottopic for what seems like a pretty long while ago. I forgot about them but i literally just stumbled upon an image of one on my late night youtube browsing episodes :p SO... literally all i did was just type: z-o-m-b-i-e  a-l-p-a-c-a  p-l-u-s-h  lmao thats... » Continue Reading

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I love hamsters 🖤💜🐹

Category: Blogging

I’ve never made a blog, so this is my first attempt and I’m going to share a little more about myself! I currently have a hamster named Diana and she’s blonde with strawberry red eyes, she’s the most unique dwarf hamster I’ve seen, I love her. She’s a little feisty tho… as female hamsters go into to heat about every four days I’ve read :d She loves to bite everything, but she can be sweet sometime... » Continue Reading

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