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I love hamsters 🖤💜🐹

I’ve never made a blog, so this is my first attempt and I’m going to share a little more about myself! I currently have a hamster named Diana and she’s blonde with strawberry red eyes, she’s the most unique dwarf hamster I’ve seen, I love her. She’s a little feisty tho… as female hamsters go into to heat about every four days I’ve read :d

She loves to bite everything, but she can be sweet sometimes. I’ve never had a hamster so aggressive like her before so this is a new experience for me, as I’ve only had her for a few months I’d say.

I had a hamster named Steve who loved to lick me all the time before I took her in and he was so sweet!! I had him for 2 years before he passed last year near Halloween. We would cuddle every day for an hour or two before he would get bored, and he was such a chill little dude. He truly was my best friend and if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have such an affinity for hamsters as I do. I really miss him sometimes. 

So I’ve taken it upon myself to keep taking in hamsters and giving them a life of happiness and joy ^-^ every time I see a hamster, I think of my little buddy Steve and how happy he was with me and so I want to keep giving that happiness to his fellow brethren :3

Occasionally Diana cuddles with me sometimes, even tho she bites me every day I come in contact with her. I’m starting to think she’s just a tsundere :p I have to bribe her with food in order for her to cuddle lol

Anyways, thanks for reading my blog :D

I feel like it was all over the place tho *~*

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