I made a lucky purchase tonight! :O

so this plush for those who dont know is something that blew up really big from this brand called 'Tasty Peach' and they use to sell them at hottopic for what seems like a pretty long while ago. I forgot about them but i literally just stumbled upon an image of one on my late night youtube browsing episodes :p

SO... literally all i did was just type: z-o-m-b-i-e  a-l-p-a-c-a  p-l-u-s-h 

lmao thats literally all i had to do XD and I GOT SO MANY RESULTS WITH SO MANY EXPENSIVE AF PRICE TAGS $$$$ O-0

i was blown away at all the bs in the results i was seeing lmfao so i went on a spree trying to find the cheapest  most reasonable price to what seemed like no avail. The cheapest one i found was about $50 bucks so i gave up for 5 minutes.... then on my second google search my first result was a purple one for $25 dollars :OOOO XD 

i couldnt believe it, but it was real!!! i ordered it off poshmark about an hour or so ago from typing this out and im so excited :D

i do find it hilarious how i only had to give up looking for 5 minutes and come back to search a second time and also just the amount of outrages prices i was seeing. the highest i saw was $300 i kid you not, and it was for the green one (the one i initially wanted cuz green is so fcking cool but its also the most popular ;~;) but i got the purple one instead :p

anywho i just wanted to share my lucky find and the hilarity within this personal scenario i experieced lol

to anyone who reads this, i am sending "lucky shopping finds energy" your way <3 \(*~*)/

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